House Washing

If you need exterior house washing we can help you. House washing makes your property stand out, but is also beneficial for preserving the exterior of your home by removing mildew, dust, dirt, and all other types of natural buildup.



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Awning Cleaning

If you need awning cleaning we can help you.

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Concrete Cleaning

At NC’s Pressure washing we have the expertise and equipment to keep your concrete floors, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces clean. On a regularly scheduled basis, we can deep clean all your floors and surfaces to remove oils, residues, dirt, and other hard to remove stains.


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Driveway Cleaning

There are many reasons to get our professional cleaning services!

• Improved curb appeal – Cleaning your concrete surfaces can lead to improved curb appeal, which can make it easier to sell your home if the time comes.

• Give your driveway or walkway the “like new” appearance – Stains and dirt can show your driveway’s age, but removing those stains can make it look new again. It’s almost like getting a brand new property at a fraction of the cost!

• Prepare for resealing – Your driveway shouldn’t be resealed unless it’s been properly cleaned. Our exterior pressure washing services can help you prepare your concrete or brick surfaces to be sealed.


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Roof/Steeple Cleaning

Our service can restore your existing roof and make it look new again. Don’t make the costly mistake of prematurely replacing your dark stained or streaked roof with a brand new one.

Church steeples are the crowning jewel of any church building.  From historical sheet metal church steeples to modern fiberglass steeples, they each add their own unique appeal to a church sanctuary building.  The steeple also demonstrates to everyone that the building is a place of worship.  However, years of built-up dirt, grime and stains can diminish the majestic appeal of any steeple.



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