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Expert Pressure Washing in Bowling Green KY

Get quality and reliable pressure washing services in Bowling Green, KY. We are locally owned and operated and have been providing residential & commercial pressure washing services with 20+ years of experience.

Need It Cleaned Right the First Time?

Are you tired of hiring cleaning services that leave you with less money in your pocket and a sense of disappointment? Look no further than NC’s Pressure Washing!

We offer home and commercial cleaning services that will leave you feeling refreshed and amazed at the difference a thorough pressure washing can make. Save yourself the hassle of relying on other untested cleaning services and call us up! Let us show you what it means to have something cleaned right the first time.

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

External House Cleaning

We have the skills and expertise to clean your entire home, from the roof to the foundation. We use commercial-grade equipment that can remove even the toughest dirt and grime.

Your neighbors will be begging to know how your home got so clean!

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

Vinyl Siding Soft Wash

Vinyl siding soft wash is like a spa day for your home; it’ll leave it feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world.

It’s the best way to remove the dirt without potentially blasting the siding and causing damage, cracks, or holes. You want the best, and that’s exactly what vinyl siding soft wash delivers.

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

Driveway and Concrete Pressure Washing

Tired of spending all that time maintaining a beautiful and clean driveway? Not exactly the highlight of homeownership, but it’s gotta be done.

Don’t let your driveway turn into a dirt runway. Take advantage of our driveway and concrete pressure washing to put your mind at ease and have your neighbors asking, “Did they just get a new driveway?” Trust me, your car tires will thank you for the clean surface.

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

Sidewalk & Walkway Pressure Washing

Fed up with scrubbing your stubborn sidewalks and walkways? Ready to make your lazy neighbors jealous? Look no further than our sidewalk and walkway pressure washing services!

This powerful cleaning technique can blast away dirt, grime, and even tough stains with ease. Plus, it saves you serious time and energy – leaving you with more moments to relax and enjoy the envy of passersby.

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

Stucco Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the stucco on the outside of your home, delicate is the key to success. You don’t want to blast your stucco with high-pressure water or harsh chemicals that will damage it. No, no, no. A cleaning solution specifically formulated for stucco is the way to go.

Think of it as investing in the longevity and beauty of your home. Plus, who doesn’t love a little delicate care every now and then?

Before and after of a soft house wash by NCs Pressure Washing

Awning Cleaning

Awning cleaning is so crucial for businesses looking to maintain their fresh, polished image. There’s no excuse for a lackluster awning!

With regular cleaning, businesses can rest assured that they’re looking spick and span, rain or shine. After all, you never know when a potential customer might be window shopping by.

Trusted Residential & Commercial Exterior Pressure Washing

20+ Years Experience in Pressure and Soft Wash Here in Warren County KY

Thank you for taking the time to check out NCs Pressure Washing, the trusted name in Bowling Green and Warren County for keeping homes and businesses looking sharp and clean.  We pride ourselves in providing professional quality, no-hassle, and budget-friendly pressure and soft washing services for both large businesses and individual residences alike.

Residential Home Pressure Washing

We love working with home owners to help keep their home looking beautiful and well maintained.  We are experts in cleaning vinyl siding, roofs, gutters, brick, sidewalks, driveways, metal trim, decks, landscaping, and anything else around the house that gets dirty!

It’s so satisfying to see the clean sparkle at the end of a job well done and the smile on the customer’s face as they see their shiny new home makes our time and effort pressure washing all worth it!

Commercial Pressure Washing

We can handle the big jobs to keep your commercial storefront, shopping center, gas station, apartment complex, or office complex looking great!  Our speedy and affordable cleaning services can be scheduled as a one time cleaning or on a recurring basis.  We are also flexible about our timing and can clean outside of business hours to not disrupt your customers.

Why Call NC’s Pressure Washing for Your Next Exterior Cleaning Job?

Since our beginning in 2001, there has only been one major goal here at NCS Pressure Washing.  That is Customer Satisfaction!

That is the number 1 reason for our high callback rate and our large number of loyal customers, they know they can trust us to come and to a spectacular job for their home or business exterior cleaning.

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Trusted Residential & Commercial Exterior Pressure Washing

At NC’s Pressure washing we have the expertise and equipment to keep your concrete floors, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces clean. On a regularly scheduled basis, we can deep clean all your floors and surfaces to remove oils, residues, dirt, and other hard to remove stains.


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